Friday, January 29, 2016

Trial and Error

"If you can't have what you believe in, believe in what you have."
If you have strived hard for what you believe in and you realise it is not going to work out the way you wanted, believe in what you have.
This process is termed as disillusionment.

I would not see the act of "striving hard for what you believe in" (especially when it is against popular opinion) a waste of time or a mistake because it is the trial and error process in life where you want to prove it to yourself why the popular opinion is popular.
The idea is that you leave no regrets; you have honestly expressed your feelings and opinion, you have done what you have always wanted to do.

There are many choices in life. However when we decide on one, we are actually forgoing the others.
All of us have wondered what it would be like if we have made a different choice.
We asked, "What if..."
If we haven't had the courage to do what we wanted to do the most, we are living a life dictated by others; we are not taking ownership of our lives.

Life is like a series of experiments. We create hypothesis, we design experiments and we make conclusions.
The conclusions are however unlike the conclusions we make in scientific reports. They are never conclusive because we could not go back in time to test the outcome of all the other options so as to say which is the best decision I should have made.
Every false hypothesis is an interesting story to tell.
What if you made false hypothesis? It is the whole process of experimenting that gives fulfilment and meaning.

I make mistakes and I am not ashamed to admit those mistakes.
Well, you can sit down and cry over spilt milk or you can reflect on what you have done wrong and move on.
Although it is no big deal to make mistakes, it does not mean you should take irresponsible action.
The state of mind of "no regrets" can only be achieved if you have been thoughtful and mindful about your actions.

Think before you act, and accept the outcome of your own decision.

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