Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Nightmare of Malaysians

What's the worst thing that happened to Malaysia recently?

Earthquake at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?
Missing airplanes?
Haze from Indonesia?
Weakening exchange rate?
A more corrupted government?
No more scholarship from the government?
Increasing crime rate?

It's the loss of faith in Malaysians towards each other.
Let me tell you 2 stories and you will understand.

Story 1:
Natalie was new to her working environment and she forgot to bring her phone to work one day. She turned to a staff who happened to walk into the office at the same time. The staff didn't recognise her as a colleague and thought she was a client. The staff refused to lend Natalie her phone, using the excuse that she was in a rush when in fact she was not.

Story 2:
Felicia went to a library in a university. She wanted to print and scan documents, however, she didn't have a student ID which was required for free printing and scanning services. She approached a student who was playing with her phone. She asked the student if she has time to help but the student said, "But I don't have any more money."

The faith in the good-heartedness of the people around is clearly absent in these 2 stories.
That's a heartbreaking realisation because Malaysia used to be a land of kindness.
Before, we relied on each other to catch robbers, thieves, and pickpockets.
Now, we don't expect anyone to help if we are in trouble. We deal with it ourselves.
One thing that doesn't change is we never depend on our police force and the government.

I used to confidently say that I love my country but not the government, now my confidence is clearly shaken.

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